• Unswervingly implement the requirements of practical service

    Sina News December 21st news, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission today officially promulgated the “Beijing city network reservation taxi management service management implementation details” (hereinafter referred to as the “rules”), which headed about the car responded that this marks the Beijing network about the car industry finally into the era of law, cars, about the car will unswervingly implement the “rules” requirements, practical services, compliance management. The company said about the car, the next step, the first one is about to complete the platform related qualification certification work actively, as in the past with the supervision of the industry. Two is constantly optimize the product, to provide users with a more convenient, comfortable and efficient travel experience. The three is to do line service, constantly crafted service quality. The four is to actively undertake social responsibility, to ease traffic congestion, service special groups of people to travel, do a good…

  • Zuckerberg seems to admit that Facebook is a media company

    SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22 morning news, Facebook is the media company or technology company? For months, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, insisted on the latter, despite Facebook’s growing role in people’s choice of news. However, he slightly adjusted his position on Wednesday. He said Facebook is not a traditional media company or a traditional technology company. There is a big difference between the two: Wall Street’s valuation of technology companies is often much higher than pure media companies. Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) to participate in Facebook Live Live broadcast of the views expressed, they jointly review the 2016, but also look forward to the prospect of 2017. “Facebook is a new platform,” says Zuckerberg. “It’s not a traditional technology company or a traditional media company, you know, we’re responsible for developing the technology, and we have a responsibility for the use of technology. We are…

    Industry News 2016-12-22
  • Involving more than 2420 illegal sites

    As of December 20, the national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform found 43300 Internet financial phishing pages, more than 7.5 million victims of the user. December 21, the National Internet Financial Security Technical Committee Secretary-General Wu Zhen in Phoenix WEMONEY “NF +” summit disclosed the above data. Earlier this year, the National Internet Emergency Center by the state commissioned the construction of a national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform around the Internet financial website information collection and risk analysis to achieve from the Internet beforehand to the end of the financial monitoring, and then to track the risk response Of the closed-loop system. Wu Zhen also introduced, as of December 20, the system detected 11,173 Internet financial sites, Internet banking platform in the operation of 6928, since the system has been found since the construction of Internet financial active users 627 million people; found suspected violations of the…

  • It is imperative to standardize network communication

    The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently issued “on the strengthening of micro-Bo, WeChat and other social networking platform for the dissemination of audio-visual program management notice” requirement, the use of micro-blog, WeChat and other social applications to develop Internet audio-visual program service network platform, Network transmission audio-visual program license “and other laws and regulations related to the qualification; microblogging, WeChat and other social networking platform may not be transmitted by users uploading self-made political news audio-visual news programs. Previously, the Ministry of Culture issued a “network performance management activities,” directly at the network live platform, required to have a live platform license, anchor to real name. Two departments have introduced regulations on the network audio-visual programs and broadcast platform to strengthen management, clear regulatory approach, directed at the chaotic situation of dynamic network communication. With the scale of network-based audio-visual program development, the quality of the phenomenon…