Netease kaola Christmas to promote the main list of economic

From double 11 to double 12, and then from the black five to Christmas, 2016 at the end of electricity business war continued to be staged. As the only double 11, black five, double 12 largest cross-border electricity business platform Netease koala sea purchase, has also announced in the December 23-25 ​​days to start Christmas cross-season to promote, not to fight the price war but the main list Single economy, will be released in 2016 Netease Koala buy year-end awards, inventory Secret 2016 year is worth buying and buying of foreign goods, to meet the user more professional, more personalized needs of the sea scouring.

Main year-end awards

Year-end awards is the Netease koala Christmas shopping in New Year’s Day to promote the biggest bright spot. In the large data technology support, Netease koala sea through the excavation of annual sales data, launched praise Billboard, sea Amoy new strange, dark horse attack list, three stone reputation list, hematemesis Rangli Bang, snow list six list, build Popular foreign goods weathervane.

Praise the wind billboard collecting the whole platform received thousands of articles. In addition to the recognized Kao diapers, Germany love his milk, miracle Ma oil cream, MK shoulder Messenger bag, Ling Mei pens and other popular goods, Bi Ran Maxtra second-generation dual-effect filter, Swisse calcium + vitamin D film, FIRSTMIX winter plus velvet pencil pants, Lucas papaya million paste, B & O PLAY HIFI Bluetooth audio, etc. also become the user to recover the rod of the 2016 annual acclaimed foreign goods.

Sea Amoy strange new list for the user recommended a highly personalized overseas merchandise. Won the red dot award of the British designer Joseph Joseph cutting board, the legendary epic proportions Estee Lauder chicken blood brown bottle, will light and storage B.Toys snail ride, TENGA iroha female fun massager, eat The body will be distributed from the inside out of the aroma of PILLBOX KAORU oral rose essential oil capsules and other goods is impressive.

Dark horse attack list is an inattentive to sell the magic of foreign goods are. JAYJUN Shuiguang mask, NetEase selected aluminum frame board box, MARVIS toothpaste, Aveeno baby moisturizing cream, Ms. COCCINELLE simple leather buckle handbags and other goods, or because of the high color value, or because of superior performance, or because the People First Price, become the sudden emergence of the new explosion models.

Hematemesis Ranglang, popular good list of things for the user to share the reserve price is not good goods and well-known overseas models explosion. If only 46.5 yuan / bottle OLIVIE extra virgin olive oil, 108 yuan optional 8 of the Hakubaku baby zero salt organic nutritious wheat flour and other people at the end of the price of goods crazy, then full of Japanese artisan spirit of the Liu Zongli iron iron cast iron Shallow pot, ultra-wild EASTPAK backpack, Hollywood actress Queen’s shampoo horse brand without silicone oil shampoo and other good things definitely make you surprised why not buy a home.

Synchronize the global Christmas good

As the world’s hottest Christmas shopping season, Netease Koala purchase also rely on a strong overseas supply chain, the first time for users to synchronize the global Christmas good. In Christmas Gifts, not only brought Estee Lauder, SK-II, POLA, CPB, Origins and other big beauty makeup Christmas suit, but also on the line of Laderach Swiss handmade chocolate, COSTA x THERMOS cross-border Christmas mug, Pandora Christmas Accessories, NetEase selected Christmas limited edition baby gift boxes and other high popularity of Christmas gift artifact.

Netease koala sea fresh category also continue to force, starting from the end of the world in Australia Tasmania Cherry, there are Japan’s world number one apple, Christmas fruit love gift box, Australia couple steak and other fresh good Goods on-line.

Christmas gift ceremony also created a sweet love ceremony, the quality of life ceremony, warm heart health ceremony, cherish Goddess, respect male gods ceremony, caring treasure ceremony, intimate care ceremony, spicy heart water ceremony, clothing, sports ceremony, etc. 10 Featured at the venue, the selection of the Lindt Christmas limited edition chocolate gift box, the French Bordeaux Meadow 4 produced by the village of Latour Carrie Castle 2013 wine, Ling US LX Series M Pen 50th anniversary limited edition commemorative models, TANGLE TEEZER luxury portable models Hairdressing comb gift box, LG life health beautiful gift box suit and so on global good object.

“In the wave of consumer upgrades, cross-border consumption more and more personalized, professional, the future test is not only the cross-border supply chain business platform capabilities, including the ability to select products, content planning capabilities. The annual promotion of the main economic list, recommended for the user in 2016 affect our lives good goods and good brand, will step strengthen the media electric power business platform positioning, become more users sea scouring the preferred entrance.

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