Taobao you probably no longer buy less than 30 of the following data lines

Recently, Alibaba to rectify 3C products on the platform business, they developed a number of product standards, non-compliant businesses may have to be removed. The first area of ​​concern is the data lines, electric vehicles, driving recorder.

Tianmao sampling behavior specification new “data line” category, does not contain only with charging function without data transmission function of the cable. The specification will be February 20, 2017 came into effect. Industry sources, if you want to make a line with the existing standard data lines, the minimum price and will not exceed 30 yuan. This also means that no low-cost low-cost sales of the competition in Alibaba’s platform will be gradually reduced.

It is understood that the lynx sampling team or volunteers online shop direct purchase of goods, the sample sent to the inspection and testing with the qualification and ability of third-party quality inspection agencies. For the detection of substandard goods, the cat will be in accordance with the severity of the situation, to limit the release of goods, shelves of goods, delete goods, commodity supervision, shop supervision, shop shielding and other treatment measures.

According to the Lynx, said the number of samples to meet not more than inspection, re-examination requirements, such as can not meet, only part of the test items; goods out of stock or purchase, then only buy part of the sample, no preparation.

If the business objections to the test results should be received within five days of the results to the Lynx filed a complaint. If the need for re-examination, the business should be received notice of the five working days from the date of the re-inspection costs (including sample transportation costs) paid in advance to the re-inspection agencies.

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