Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger announced his resignation

Dec. 21, according to “The New York Times” website reported that the loss of executive Twitter is still continuing, the company’s chief technology officer Adam? Meisinge (AdamMessinger) announced on Tuesday to resign. Last month Twitter chief operating officer Adam Byrne (AdamBain) also left the company. This year the company’s product, engineering and media team executives have resigned.

“After five years of working on Twitter, I decided to leave the company,” Maysinger said in a statement. “His exit has again raised questions about the stability of the Twitter executive team. The social media company has been difficult to attract more users, while difficult to find ways to improve revenue growth. In recent months, Twitter has been negotiating with potential buyers to sell themselves, but the final negotiations with did not reach an agreement. Since then the company has been cutting costs, layoffs and divestiture part of the business.

Twitter’s chief financial officer, Anthony Noto, took over as chief operating officer, now looking for a new CFO. Messinger joined Twitter in 2011, after he worked in Oracle. He started out as vice president of engineering infrastructure and later turned to application development and became chief technology officer in 2013. Over the past year, Messinger was given more responsibility by CEO Jack Dorsey.

As a result of the greater responsibility, he was awarded 125 million shares of restricted stock. After his resignation, Twitter’s product, design and engineering directors will be led directly by Dorsey. Vice President of Engineering Edward Ho will take over the engineering responsibilities as General Manager, led by Dorsey. “I have been working closely with the engineering and design teams to ensure that we are the fastest and best to tell the world what is happening,” he said.

The supporters of Twitter Meshinger applaud him for his brains, while opponents argue that he is not decisive and sometimes fails to take concrete measures to make the change. Messinger did not say what to do after leaving. A person familiar with him said he did not go to other social networks such as Facebook or Snapchat plans.

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