P2P platform operation is accurate positioning

The data show that as of the end of November, P2P net loan platform operation platform reduced from more than 5 thousand to more than 2 thousand, if the P2P industry advanced road is a talent competition, then, after this round of auditions to leave the platform to enter the comprehensive strength of PK uphill battle. Poly money that has gone through the baptism of the first 2016 years of regulation, P2P net loan industry competition to end the melee phase, officially entered the tournament stage. In the competition, P2P platform to win, the key lies in the precise card.

For a word, from the game of basketball, “attacking people use action to block the defender behind him, this step is called a card.” This is the explanation given by wikipedia. In the game, some players in rebounding, to seize a favorable position, due to the rebound direction, not correctly judge the ball speed and rising angle and time of fall, the jump ball is not the case, or not to jump, the ball is to grab the other players.

A game to play, the player must be qualified with the game, and a penalty, substitute during the game, and the competition in the P2P industry are similar? To admission to participate in the game, the first to have the qualification of P2P platform operation, record and certificate, have the basic qualities and skills to be able to play, and in the process of development, such as improper operation or advertising, regulators can keep the unqualified platform under penalty.
The P2P platform in this fight, want to win, as we should, like precise card, rebounder with rapid response, implementation. The rebound is not strong athletes, often at the expense of judgment is unknown, thus grasp the take-off time.

Similarly, in the P2P platform operation, the first is to learn to judge.

In this noisy environment, clear their position, identify the location, which is the first step in winning. Get rich think, a good platform for operators to the current policy by heart, for the future development of the industry prospects, there must be a correct judgment, adjust course according to the trend of early preparation, grinding, good products, with the most vigorous energy waiting for the time coming.
In positioning aspect, poly platform located in a rich high income, low threshold, flexible Internet financial trading platform, and actively expand the high-quality assets of the project, digging the value of products; the construction of the control system of strict wind, establish financial security shield; optimize the investment platform, give users a better experience; to establish strategic cooperation with hao123. Users quickly tap the wealth of treasure.

Secondly, lianhaoneigong. One minute on the stage takes 10 years. The enterprise culture of precipitation, the internal strength of the practice is crucial for P2P platform operation. Rich in poly team building and personnel grinding has inherent advantages, founder and core management team composed of senior members of the well-known Internet companies and financial institutions, have the advantage in technology research and development, financial products, risk control, based on a sound risk control system and cloud computing, big data technology, through the financial product innovation, service innovation, technological innovation for the public to provide safe, convenient and efficient inclusive financial services.

Third, master the take-off time. In the basketball game, precise card is at the right time, the right place, quickly put the defender behind him, in the correct posture to capture a rebound. As for the P2P platform operators, master the take-off time is equally important. 2016 experienced several rounds of consolidation, supervision of the implementation of the policy, in 2017 the industry environment is purified, has laid a solid foundation platform, is the best time to take off, and the wonderful performance of the platform.

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