Zuckerberg seems to admit that Facebook is a media company

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22 morning news, Facebook is the media company or technology company? For months, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, insisted on the latter, despite Facebook’s growing role in people’s choice of news. However, he slightly adjusted his position on Wednesday.

He said Facebook is not a traditional media company or a traditional technology company. There is a big difference between the two: Wall Street’s valuation of technology companies is often much higher than pure media companies.

Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) to participate in Facebook Live Live broadcast of the views expressed, they jointly review the 2016, but also look forward to the prospect of 2017.

“Facebook is a new platform,” says Zuckerberg. “It’s not a traditional technology company or a traditional media company, you know, we’re responsible for developing the technology, and we have a responsibility for the use of technology. We are aware that our responsibility is not limited to the dissemination of news, we are an important part of public discourse. ”

This statement is very different from the past. “We are a technology company, not a media company,” said Zuckerberg, who was a student at the university in August. “It’s not a job for us to create content and we do not edit content.” We are a technology company that develops tools, But do not make any content. ”

As fake news events intensified, Facebook is also trying to get rid of the role of news providers. About half of American adults said they would get news through Facebook. False news led the public to recognize the status quo, the Pew Research Center survey shows that about 1/4 of Americans said they share false news.

In fact, in the United States during the general election, similar to the “Pope support Trump” this false news has become the most popular news on Facebook.

Facebook said last week that the company will try a series of fake news. They want to streamline the reporting process for false news, which is flagged by a fact-finding organization. The company will also recoup the revenue share of the spammers and focus more closely on other relevant signals.

“Looking back at 2016, I am proud that our employees are so attached to the matter,” Zuckerberg said of the fake news.

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