Involving more than 2420 illegal sites

As of December 20, the national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform found 43300 Internet financial phishing pages, more than 7.5 million victims of the user.

December 21, the National Internet Financial Security Technical Committee Secretary-General Wu Zhen in Phoenix WEMONEY “NF +” summit disclosed the above data. Earlier this year, the National Internet Emergency Center by the state commissioned the construction of a national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform around the Internet financial website information collection and risk analysis to achieve from the Internet beforehand to the end of the financial monitoring, and then to track the risk response Of the closed-loop system.

Wu Zhen also introduced, as of December 20, the system detected 11,173 Internet financial sites, Internet banking platform in the operation of 6928, since the system has been found since the construction of Internet financial active users 627 million people; found suspected violations of the Internet financial site more than 2420 Home, the system warning of high-risk sites 381; found that the cumulative amount of Internet transactions of about 44 trillion transactions and found P2P network borrowing total transaction volume exceeded 3 trillion, the Internet raised 400 billion; found that the Internet financial page loopholes 950, found Internet financial sites attacked 758,000 times.

This is the current Internet finance the most comprehensive and authoritative statistics.

In the field of Internet finance to achieve a comprehensive test, the technical platform for the intention to bear the important responsibility is to detect the Internet financial capital flows.

“At present, China’s Internet financial accumulation of up to 48 trillion of funds, where these funds come, has been the country more concerned about the problem.Our system has now achieved initial monitoring of industry trends and regional flow.” Wu Earthquake introduction.

The technology platform also explores the frontiers of Internet finance such as virtual currency.

Wu Zhen also introduced the National Internet Financial Security Technical Committee is preparing to form a national Internet financial security technology alliance, will provide enterprises with security technology exchange platform, including anti-loan fraud technology, electronic data protection technology, network security technology, standard-setting, new Technology research and so on. At the same time to achieve some information sharing, including the central part of the technology, the sharing of resources.

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