It is imperative to standardize network communication

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently issued “on the strengthening of micro-Bo, WeChat and other social networking platform for the dissemination of audio-visual program management notice” requirement, the use of micro-blog, WeChat and other social applications to develop Internet audio-visual program service network platform, Network transmission audio-visual program license “and other laws and regulations related to the qualification; microblogging, WeChat and other social networking platform may not be transmitted by users uploading self-made political news audio-visual news programs.

Previously, the Ministry of Culture issued a “network performance management activities,” directly at the network live platform, required to have a live platform license, anchor to real name. Two departments have introduced regulations on the network audio-visual programs and broadcast platform to strengthen management, clear regulatory approach, directed at the chaotic situation of dynamic network communication.

With the scale of network-based audio-visual program development, the quality of the phenomenon of mixed good and bad more and more prominent, for a time, microblogging, WeChat and other social networking platform to become “destroyed three view” content dissemination base. The most serious place of network communication chaos, it is the rise of the last two years, the network broadcast platform. Anyone with a cell phone can be broadcast live through the network, spread the platform set to play tours, gifts and other links, individual live broadcast in order to continue to break the economic interests of moral and legal bottom line.

Press and Publication SARFT issued the “notice” requirements, not holding “information network transmission audio-visual program license,” institutions and individuals to carry out Internet audio-visual program services, the network platform as the service provider, according to audio-visual programming Management of the requirements of the contents of the program to fulfill the content of the gatekeeper and other management responsibilities. For non-microblogging account does not meet the requirements, such as public WeChat, the network platform shall not provide access to technical support services. It can be seen, “notice” constantly stressed laws and regulations, it is for the production and dissemination of online video program read “magic”, is the use of chaos; strengthen the “network dissemination of audio-visual program license” regulatory role, will Supervisory responsibility fell microblogging and WeChat and other social networking platform; stressed that Internet users can not self-made political news audio-visual programs, it is trying to put an end to the media from the root causes of the chaos of news media.

Today, social networking has penetrated into the lives of the people, the Internet industry also has “interactive platform for those who have the world” argument. There is a market audience, and a market will have a standard. With the public interest and long-term development of the legal norms to be bound, the new Internet platform will have a solid foundation for the healthy development of the Internet industry.

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